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Siding & Boards  

Requarth Lumber Company built its reputation for extraordinary service through five generations of experience in the building industry. Our entire operation is sensitive to the needs of building professionals — from storing lumber out of the weather in covered buildings to delivering materials promptly to the job site ready to use.

Building Materials at the Requarth Co. 

Grading lumber products establishes quality control standards among mills manufacturing the same or similar woods. These grades provide a dependable measure for determining the quality of lumber.


The Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) sets official grade rules, conforming to American Lumber Standards, for mills in 12 western states. The WWPA grade stamp, visible on White Pine, Spruce-Pine-Fir and other western species sold at Requarth Lumber, is assurance of its assigned grade.


The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) publishes grading rules under which more than 95% of the production of Southern Pine lumber is sold. To qualify for a SPIB grade-making license, a mill must have well-established credentials in manufacturing, seasoning and grading.


Exterior Siding 

Solid wood has long been used as a siding material. Its natural beauty is timeless and the color and textures available are unmatched by other building products. Such properties make wood siding adaptable to a wide variety of regional preferences, architectural styles and climates. When correctly installed and maintained, natural wood siding will last for decades and sometimes centuries. Additional wood siding profiles are available upon request. Please ask your salesperson. 937-224-1141

Hardiplank® and LP SmartSide exterior siding, available through Requarth Lumber, is a durable, attractive alternative to traditional wood composite, Cedar, vinyl, brick or stucco sidings. Combining the look and warmth of natural wood with the durability of fiber-cement, Hardiplank resists damage from extended exposure to humidity, rain, snow, salt air and termites. It is dimensionally stable and under normal conditions will not crack, rot or delaminate.

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